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    Organize and
    Understand Your
    Real Estate Documents with the

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    What's Included-Tabs...

    • track overview of the real estate process and other essential documents in organized sections
    • like a book, provide “must know” content about each document, including discussions about:
      • Real estate law basics
      • Best practices, next steps and tips to avoid scams
      • Top lethal mistakes people make BEFORE, DURING, or AFTER they become homeowners
    • create permanent storage space for ACTUAL documents for generations!

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    with document index and checklists to track your progress as you get organized . . . and more!

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    FREE CARRYING AND STORAGE CASE* (Limited time only)



    *Store the FLO-FOLDER® in a secure location to avoid identity theft.

  • Who should buy it?
    Future, Current, and Senior Homeowners


    Getting Your First Home?

    • Knowing what to do first?

    • Finding a lender and getting pre-approved?

    • Getting a mortgage and understanding the documents?

    Maintaining Your Dream Home

    • Modifying or refinancing the mortgage?

    • Knowing the difference?

    • Organizing housing records?

    Taking Next Steps?

    • Considering a reverse mortgage?

    • Finding housing records?

    • Leaving records your family can find?

  • Why order now?

    That’s simple. Now, more than ever, it is extremely important to protect your documents, particularly your real estate documents.


    Having your documents in one spot will help your family locate important documents in an emergency!
    Order the FLO-FOLDER® now to get your house in order
    Provide you and your family with access to documents for generations!

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    To participate in any process, everyone needs flexibility and the FREEDOM to complete it – in his or her own time. Begin your journey by reviewing the four phases of the real estate process (Process) described in the OVERVIEW section, the first part of the FLO-FOLDER®.

    Locate the phase that corresponds to where you are in your journey. If you are just beginning to think about buying a home, start with Phase One.

    If you are at the other end of the journey and are thinking about selling your home or leaving it for your family, skip forward to Phase Four.

    Use personal checklists located in the Handbook to track your progress as you complete each phase and gain even more insight into the Process.
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    As a LITERACY tool, the FLO-FOLDER® is like a book and serves two purposes. First, it identifies and explains more than 30 essential documents you will gather during each phase of the Process. Since documents other than those listed may be needed, depending upon your state’s laws, consult with licensed, professional advisors (Advisors). However, if you add more, make sure they clarify each document’s purpose.


    Second, the FLO-FOLDER® includes comprehensive information and practical tips, not legal advice, about issues you may encounter along the way. With these tips, you can ask Advisors more questions, make informed decisions, and avoid scams or other obstacles that may stop you from achieving your homeownership goal.

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    As an ORGANIZATIONAL tool, the FLO-FOLDER® is designed to permanently store your documents behind relevant tab(s). Once divided into sections, you and your family will easily locate valuable information and save time and money, particularly in an emergency! No matter where you are in your journey, at the beginning, middle or end of the Process, it is extremely important to keep essential documents in order.
    Does your community group or company need help getting organized? Contact Florise below. Do you have questions? Sign up for the FLO-TEAM below.
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    The FLO-TEAM is a growing community of folks on a mission that won’t be over until everyone has a safe place to live and basic information about real estate and property law!

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    About the Author

    Learn from a veteran real estate lawyer and law professor, an award-winning Yale University college and law school grad


    Passionate, compassionate, inspiring, captivating, and knowledgeable are words used to describe Florise R. Neville-Ewell, CEO of Neville Communications Corporation. Florise’s interest in educating consumers began in the mid 1990’s when Detroit’s Deputy Mayor asked her to help thousands of families recover their homes from scam artists. Through that experience, she realized that knowledge (about the real estate process and essential documents) would have helped them. Having established a non-profit to help consumers, she is also sharing her expertise as a real estate lawyer and law professor through the FLO-FOLDER®. Rita F. Hillman, a housing and banking expert, calls it the next “sticky note” for the real estate industry. Having received multiple awards, Florise’s goal and focal point remain the same. She is determined to make sure “we have an increasing number of families more empowered to experience and sustain the American dream of home ownership.”

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